Let's Make Your Special Day A Magical One!

You've been planning your wedding day since you were a child. You've thought of every detail. The date and invitations have gone out. You've got the bridesmaids and the groomsmen identified, the location for the ceremony is perfect, and the reception has all the earmarks of being a festive night for everyone! But there is probably one item you have not considered. That is, "What are the guests going to do after the ceremony while your wedding photos are being taken, but before the official start of the reception?"

This is where hiring me to fill that time will help to insure this will be a memorable night for everyone!! I specialize in strolling magic, walking up to people in a crowd and entertaining them with never before seen feats of prestidigitation. I help with breaking the ice among your guests, ensuring they have a great time before the wedded couple arrive. My material is clean, family friendly, and guaranteed to be hit with all who attend.  And of course, no matter how much fun everyone is having, I know that once the wedded couple arrives on the scene, that is my cue to wrap up my presentations.  So, contact me and let's get the party started!!


What exactly is Restaurant Magic?

Restaurant magic is the art of performing sleight-of-hand magic tricks in a restaurant. A magician goes from table to table, depending upon the patrons interest and availability, and entertains them before dinner at their table. This type of magic (known as close-up magic) happens right in front of their eyes, and the diners often get to participate in the performance.

Why does your restaurant need a magician?

If your customers normally experience a long wait time to be seated, a strolling magician can entertain the masses, making their wait time seem non-existent.  Customers knowing this type of entertainment exists won’t second guess coming into eat due to a long wait.

It is inevitable that issues will occur in the kitchen which delays the serving of a table’s meal. This, and similar issues at your restaurant, provide a great chance for you to provide customer service that people cheer about. Send a magician to their table and the extra wait ends up being worth the wait.

Magic can be experienced by as few as two people having a nice dinner. Entertainment options such as karaoke or musical acts are forced on everyone in the restaurant, regardless of interest. A magician will work with your wait staff to decide which patrons would be best to receive a performance.

The most noise that happens during a close-up magic show is from people laughing and having a great time! You will want others in the restaurant to request a magician at their table, or return to the restaurant when the performers come back to entertain.

Don’t be one of the hundreds of restaurants that go out of business every year because they didn’t give their customers enough compelling reasons to return after an initial visit. 

Country Clubs and Banquet Halls

Both venues are very similar with small groups of people socializing among themselves. The overall environment is probably noisy as everyone attempts to hold their own conversations above all the others. A strolling magician is the perfect choice of entertainment in this situation. I carry all my props on my person. Based on my many years of experience, I know when to approach groups and can judge when to stop before I’ve have overstayed my welcome.

Grand Openings

Grand openings are a special, one-time event. You want your prospective new clientele to have a good time, and to discover all the new goods or services your new business has  to offer. Good strolling magicians not only know how to draw a crowd, but also how to keep one engaged. Or maybe you have a new or unique product the magician can incorporate into his act. Corporations have been implementing this marketing strategy for decades with great success. Take advantage of the track record set by these companies and hire me to ensure your grand opening is the best it can be!

Conventions and Hotels

Conventions are being held in big convention centers and hotels. Why hire a magician for this type of event? I can entertain the attendees before, during, and/or after the day’s events. I can also hang out in the lobby area, entertaining the guests as they either wind down from a busy day or get ready for a night out. For corporate conventions, I will incorporate a company’s product or tag line into my act, providing additional brand exposure.


If this is an area you’ve never thought about, then let me explain why hiring a magician as a bartender is a no-brainer! How many drinks does the average person have when they are sitting at the bar? And how many people do you normally have at the bar at any one time? Those answers, along with your pour-cost determine your income for that evening. Now, consider having a magician/bartender working for you. I will keep the patrons at the bar longer, allowing them more time to buy more drinks. The entertainment I provide will encompass many individuals, fostering new friendships, more merriment, and the purchase of more drinks. Of course, there will be many folks who had no intention of spending much time at the bar, but now they see fun others are having, they’ll step up  and by drinks they hadn’t planned on. Like I said, a no-brainer!

Retirement Community

The enjoyment of magic transcends the spectrum of social demographics, but not so much as it does age. From the very young to the elderly, magic always has, and always will continue to provide joy and wonderment. Performing at a retirement community affords me the opportunity to entertain residents who maybe haven’t seen a live magic show since there were kids, or who are physically unable to leave the campus. An hour or two of strolling magic or a parlor show could be all it takes for a resident to relive the feelings they first felt seeing magic for the first time as a child.

Private Functions and Holiday Events

The size of gathering doesn’t matter. I can perform for a handful of people, and more. If a parlor show is more what you are looking for, I can do that also. Reach out to me and let’s discuss how I can best ensure your function is a resounding success! You will discover the line between Reality and Illusion isn’t as clear as you once thought!