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Blurring the line between Reality and Illusion since 1999!

Close-up and strolling sleight of hand entertainment for all occasions:

-Store Openings
-Banquet Room Parlor Shows
-Corporate Events
-Birthday Parties
-Holiday Events
-Family Gatherings

Trina A. Designation

Scott has performed at several events we've had for family and friends, and he's a hit ever time! Our guest are always amazed by his card tricks! So much, that it's becomes a half hour conversation about how the trick was done or how everyone thinks it was done. Lol! I love that his tricks come with a great story. His performances are truly stoopendous!

Kai Designation

Scott was a great attraction to our farewell party. From a personal standpoint he is easy to get along with....he quickly approached the crowd and introduced himself while showcasing some of his cards and coins performances. Our friends loved it and enjoyed this form of entertainment. Give it a try, your guests will remember your party for a very long time!

Ashley L. Designation

I hired Scott to entertain my guests at a bridal shower and the show was amazing. It was a great way to keep the guests engaged!

Danielle B.

Danielle Banks 05 Sep 2021 Report Respond Let me tell you how amazing he is!! My son is a sky kid but somehow he got him to participate in the show ! All the kids loved it and enjoyed the show! After the show he even did a few tricks for the adults and I’m not going to lie I was so impressed!

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