Magic Shows From Baltimore to DC

I had a fantastic weekend peforming a variety of shows, at a variety of venues from Baltimore to DC and Virginia! On Friday, March 4, myself and four other magicians (Bill Gross, Bradley Barefoot, Adam Stone, John Gazeman, and Vince Wilson) performed a variety show at the Poe’s Theater located within the Holiday Inn in Baltimore. Over 50 people watched a great show with all the magicians performing at their A-game. The last effect I performed was Card-on-the-Ceiling, where a signed card ends up stuck on the ceiling! I’m sure that card is still there! I also wanted to thank all my friends and family who showed up to support me. I am truely blessed! Saturday, March 5th started out with a kid show at a park in the Fells Point area of Baltimore, Maryland. It was a beautiful day and the show, for an 8 yr old young lady, was great! The kids were very interactive, and even provided a first for me. It was the first time I’ve ever had about 15 eight year old girls yelling out to me in a show “Liar! Liar”. Too funny!! I guess they aren’t old enough yet to realize that Magician and Liar are synonymous! Later that evening, I performed a show for a woman who was just turning 30. She held her party at the rooftop restaurant Smoke & Mirrors, located in downtown Washington, DC, just a couple “stones-throws” away from the Capitol building. It was the perfect venue for the party. The guests were awesome and the show turned out great! Happy Birthday Morgan! The next day, Sunday began with a kids show in Arlington, Virginia celebrating David’s 6th Birthday! The kids loved the show, and I think they really loved the Hershey Kisses I magically produced at the end! Then, it was a quick drive up to Laurel, Maryland to help David celebrate his 10th birthday! This was one of those shows you’d like all of your kid shows to be. There were just as many adults watching the show as there were kids, and they seemed to love the show as much, if not more, than the kids! They were a blast to perform for, and many of the kids came up to thank me for the show! All great memories!!

Magic Shows From Baltimore to DC