The Magic Community Mourns the Passing of Scott Alexander

I was sadden to learn on Sunday February 5, 2023 that Scott Alexander passed away.

I was not close to Scott, but had met him a number of times during the jams sessions I used to attend with Peter Galinskis. He was always very friendly and supportive of the magicians who were there.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading his book “Denny Haney Collected Wisdom”, a book dedicated to his mentor which was published in 2020. Scott demonstrated he was not only a great performer, but also a great author. The book was a joy to read. Even if you didn’t know Denny, you will get a lot of great wisdom from the tricks section of the book.

Scott also released a number of instructional DVDs, was on America’s Got Talent, and appeared on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us.

He will surely be miss!

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